Tomorrow is a rather pointless gasoline boycott day. Since you’re just going to buy the same fuel later on, what’s the point? The old “never trust forwarded email” rule comes through again.

It’s the Albuquerque R/C Club schedule. They are having a show on June 26th and 27th. It seems R/C planes are probably better to watch than to participate in, since several hundred dollars can very quickly go “thud”.

Still no baby yet. Many are recommending that the baby be born quite soon due to various travel restrictions. He seems rather obstinate, though.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but when free websites ask for registration logins and passwords, you can find logins at bugmenot.com…for sites such as fileplanet.com and nytimes.com. It makes the web as convenient as it used to be!


As far as GBA games go, I hear Warioware Inc. is a pretty weird game. It has 200 5 second minigames without instructions where you just have to do some random task. “Minigames include brushing teeth, cracking an egg over a moving frying pan, shaking a dog’s paws and more.”

Comcast web servers are unreliable. You might be unable to access this page sometimes and sometimes you’ll get through with no problem.

Evin did a much improved version of my me as a black guy photoshop.

We got back from the vacation at Virginia Beach area. It were loverly even though it was cloudy and rainy all except one day. Vanessa’s dad lives out there and we also saw many of her cousins. Her brother visited. Her aunt (tita Malou) served a great deal of tasty Filipino food all week. Corn was also served. We went to Busch Gardens amusement park. A nice place. We rode the Loch Ness roller coaster several times. Great one, that is. (Here’s a video) Busch Gardens usually does copies of whatever shows are currently popular. Last time, it was a River Dancing Clone. This time, it was Imaginique, a Cirque du Soleil clone. The singer for the show sounded like Eccentric Opera. Rhythmic classical opera stuff. Some amazing visual artsy stuff and trapeze stuff and the weirdest clowns I’ve ever seen.

On one day of the week, it was actually sunny. We visited a swamp where there is a concrete trail running through it. (I’d never been to a swamp, since I live in the desert.) Turtles and various insects abounded. After that, it was off to the beach! We got a cheap body board to ride some waves. I could play in the waves for days at a time. I had a huge grin on my face the whole time. Eventually, some storm clouds approached and Vanessa had to tear me away from the waves. She said it gets kinda nasty when there’s a storm on the beach.

We took a ship tour of the Virginia Beach area. Lunch was served on board as well as amusing entertainment. One of the singers sang to Tita Malou.

One day we went to Captain George’s Seafood Restaurant. It has the supermegaultra seafood buffet. It even had Mahi. Vanessa and Uncle Danny mainly ignored everything else and went for the crab legs. (le video)

Cyndi Lauper had a free concert on the naval base which we went to. She sang less synthesized versions of most of her classic songs. She sang some new stuff too. We were about two hours early for the concert and got to sit through her sound check but we were right up at the front during the concert. She seems very picky about her sound setup. She was even correcting things during the concert. She moved speakers as she sang. She patted her stomach to tell them to turn up the bass as she sang. I pity the sound guys who work for her.

We found the game Mad Maestro on special at Walmart. It’s a cute Japanese music-based game where you conduct an orchestra to make certain things in the game happen. Along the lines of Parappa and Um Jammer Lammy.


Listening to John Peel’s Festive Fifty on Radio 1. Well interestin’. If only there was some way to get Radio 1 London in your car in the US. Perhaps someday you’ll be able to have some fast CHEAP wireless internet connection in your car. Ya know, with these cellphones that have cameras, the technology exists to blog with pics straight from the phone. Wonder if anyone’s doing it already. Update: This guy sort of does. Afri-Cola has more caffeine than any other soda. Dunno if you can get it in the US. I think it’s German. Whatever the case, all soda caffeine content is still dwarfed by coffee. There’re 3 DJs on XFM (London) right now. They’re talking about urban legends and such. One of them keeps cackling. His laugh is so funny, I’m almost bursting out in my cubicle.

Vanessa’s cuya brought turducken (sounds like some kinda ninja) to mum-in-law’s for supper last night. Boneless chicken stuffed inside duck stuffed inside turkey. Kindof a scary Frankenstein thing going on…but tastes great. We played Cranium and Guesstures much, yesterday. A pet peeve with Cranium…why’d they have to convolute the instructions with the special trademark terms everywhere, like “Cranium Planet ™”? Makes it a huge pain to learn to play for the first time. “Move your Cranium piece ™ to the Cranium planet ™. If you answer the Cranio-factoid ™ correctly, blah blah blah.” They really need to fix their instructions. Ate turkey lunch feast at me parents’ yesterday and got to hang out with me family, which was nice. Christmas eve, we were at mum-in-law’s. The house was packed with so many peoples from Fillipino-American Association that people were eating in the back bedroom. DDR and karaoke abounded. Surprisingly, I never saw anybody sing “My Way.” There was roasted pig and much of the synchronized Filipina woman laugh. For Christmas Eve lunch, we ate at Gardun~o’s. I still look forward to my leftovers from there today for lunch…which is saying a lot. I got paged 2 or 3 times over the last few days, messing with my vacation sleep-in. Oh, the humanity!


The wedding date is moved up to September 29. They checked out Vanessa’s dog at my apartment office and said the dog’s not too big to live there after we get married. Very excited and wishing it was even sooner but there are other scheduling constraints. Got wedding bands this weekend. Went to bible study. Helped Vanessa rebuild her mom’s swamp cooler. (Well, not really but there sure is a lot of work in replacing parts.)

Went to some seminar about how the houses in the upcoming development are built. I look forward to installing stuff from smarthome.com…like robotic sentries. Well, not really.

Ya know, these 80s radio stations remind me that there really is a lot of unpleasant 80s music. From Journey to John Cougar Mellencamp to Billy Joel. It wasn’t all cool synths and rhythms. I guess there have always been ballads but you can avoid them if you try…unless you have a girlfriend. 🙂 Ever notice that Belinda Carlisle sounds surprisingly like a chipmunk?

Hmm, disturbing new trends in spam…”You’ve received 2 free cruise tickets.” Doesn’t that push into the realm of fraud? The spammer seems to be in Russia though. Wonder if it’s smarter than the old “Here’s that e-mail you requested” thing. Oh well, just keep reporting spam to spamcop. Gotta love that site.