cold and not so cold

I got a cold from the kids. I would like to be frozen until a cure is found. (yes yes, just kidding.) The worst symptom seems to be my desire to whine. A vocals session of Rock Band with visiting cousins the other day did not help my throat any.

For our 8th anniversary, we went to the new east-side Sadie’s on Eubank. So tasty, it’s my favorite Albuquerque restaurant. (For years, there’s only been one in Albuquerque way over on the west side.) The enchiladas are covered nicely in chile and cheese. The salsa and everything else is quite spicy, cause they ain’t afraid. Sopapillas are perfectly soft. It is to cry! I’ve had eight great years with my perfect match in Vanessa…and look forward to more!

Sean's superpower

Sean seems to have a superpower where he can remember videogame levels really well. I was playing Castlevania before they went to Houston and when he came back a week later, he remembered where to get the goggles in the game (a very obscure item.) If only his memory applied to more important things too.

Tonight, he goes to some sort of basketball evaluation where they see how much the kids know before the program starts. I hope they teach the kids all they need to know, cause I can’t remember much about basketball at all. I just hope he has fun.

We took lots of breaks

Sean and I took a 5-mile round-trip bike ride yesterday (with lots o’ breaks). He did well. We stopped off at a playground and walked across the bridge on Tramway and Copper. Getting across the Tramway/Central intersection takes a while. At one intersection there, drivers have to wait so long to turn right there that they feel they have a pedestrian override when they finally get the green arrow. I once had a car honking angrily at me as I crossed when signaled there…so we didn’t use that crossing yesterday. When we got back, Sean told Vanessa, “We took lots of breaks.”

fun in the pool

Our relatives here in California have a pool. My cousin and I pulled out a 5 gallon bucket as a tiny diving bell. One of us would catch some air in it and push it down while the other would dive and see how many breaths could be taken from the bucket. A big rock is great fun to help you get down to the bottom while holding your breathe.

Here's mud in your eye

I think it’s been an awesome few days for Sean. Friday was his fifth birthday. He got a new Sonic game. (He called me up today to tell me he’d unlocked a new level and then again later to say he’d unlocked the other character.)

Then we went camping with some friends in the Jemez mountains near Cuba (New Mexico). It rained heavily the first couple of days. It’s apparently hard to sleep in the rain. It soaked a few tents, causing some early departures. It’s also very noisy. I think you shouldn’t count on sleeping when you go camping…although Sean slept just fine. We took a couple of folding cots that kept us off the ground. They just barely fit into the tent, but worked reasonably well.

I learned that you probably shouldn’t trust a car GPS when camping. Ours starts by asking what city your destination is in. (uh…none?) Also, it seemed to have no idea where some dirt roads were. On the way home, it wanted us to turn into a field behind a closed gate. That’s when I learned about its ability to route to a destination while avoiding a particular part of the route.

The second day’s weather was even worse, with cold and heavy hail. It was apparently free-range cattle country and we saw a huge bull roaming around.

On the third day, I got an ATV ride with a friend. With a good driver, it’s as good as a roller-coaster. He also let me borrow it and take Sean and his cousin riding around a bit. We saw what I think was a wolf in the distance. I learned that you should always wear eye protection while driving them, as I got mud in my eye on the way back to camp. I was driving down the road squinting and passers-by surely thought I was son of Popeye.

It was a beautiful area with a grassy valley, forest on either side, aspen, and an area of rocks to climb on. It was great hiking around out there with me boy. Ug ug ug ug ug.

weird kids

Mia sometimes gets in an infinite loop. She gets hold of her own hair, which is apparently painful enough to make her scream and grasp even tighter, making it hurt more, making her continue to hold on. Vanessa said you can get her to stop by tapping her hand and then she’ll release.

Also, Sean pretends to have a sword he calls The Appetizer.


Mia was born early this morning! 7 pounds, 7 ounces. Click the picture for some photos. Vanessa is doing well after the surgery. Sean really likes his new sister! I quickly dropped by the house to upload some pictures and take a shower and it’s back to the hospital. Thanks for all the kind prayers and thoughts!