4th of Losing in Scrabble Again

Yesterday, we got Sean a bunch of caps and some sparklers and went to my parents’ house. They have an outstanding view of the Rio Rancho fireworks display from their house. My dad and I played Vanessa in Scrabble and lost handily. I believe she had more than our scores combined. We were playing 9 tile Scrabble and she twice got the 50-point bonus for using 7 tiles in a play. This morning I woke up and thought I had pink eye, but realized I’d left my lenses in overnight.

a day off

We visited me parents yesterday. Ate homemade ice cream and ate at Dion’s (my favorite pizza in Albuquerque.) I had picked up Loco Roco on sale at Circuit City for $10. It’s a cutesy cartoon-like game in which you tilt the world to roll a tiny character through the levels. Even my mom liked it. She tilted the PSP from side to side as the world tilted. We played Hoopla, a cooperative board game. (We lost.) And we played a game of Cootie in which Sean came out the champion. That game has more dice rolling than Risk.

yesterday…wall sight bubbles deemed low mar up play

Yesterday was MLK day so I was off work. We ate at Marco Pollo. Pretty good…plus, they have frozen custard. In Sears, I saw a Sony 1080P 60 inch TV being demoed in what looked like full resolution video. It is to cry! We played Scrabble. I had forgotten that, not only do you get your remaining tiles subtracted, BUT ALSO, the other player gets them added. With this rule, Vanessa pulled off a last second win! I managed to run Shoutcast on my PSP. Nice! Sean is at me mum and dad’s. Vanessa misses him greatly! Oh, and the other day, we tried Wing Basket. Good enough, I reckon.

game acronym extravaganza

Vanessa’s been gone to TX with Sean. I’m on call, so I couldn’t go. 🙁 Glad she’s getting to see her dad and her new nephew though. So, in BF 2142, many victories. BFME, almost to Helm’s Deep on Isengard campaign. DQ 8, I laughed out loud at the hero getting psyched up to 100 and his hair busting out dragon ball Z style. There was also a hilarious moment when four monsters suddenly team up Voltron style and say, “I’ll form the head! I’ll form the body! etc.” That game is like the “I know an old woman who swallowed a fly” song. You have to help the prince hunt the lizard to get the king to give you the mirror (which needs to be reactivated by a sea serpent) to open the door on the northern island to catch Dhoulmagus. And that’s just a small bit of it. And you encounter monsters every few seconds while doing it.

On Christmas day, some friends from church kindly invited me over for lunch. We played a few rounds of Boggle. Vanessa wasn’t there to stomp everyone, though!


We had a nice visit with family in Clovis. Ate a lot of tasty food. Me cousin’s off to college this week. I tried his Xbox 360 a bit. FPS games aren’t meant to be played with a joystick. A neat system as far as online stuff goes, though. He also had a DS Lite, which was quite bright. I had been playing my PSP on the road, which is quite difficult in daylight because of the glare. We played some MAME, which is always fun with three players. We played miniature golf. I think I got stomped, though our score-keeping left out a few scores. Many near misses for me. Back to work this week.

darts is hard

We set up a dart board in the garage last night. It’s apparently a really hard game! In the game of “301“, the instructions said you have to either get a bullseye or hit that slim little ring around the outside of the board before you are even allowed to score. (doubling in) I think I could throw darts for half an hour and still not do that.

Adopt twins, spin the wheel

Some friends of ours adopted twins. There is a space on the Life board game for this. “Upon adding a member to the family (getting married, having children, etc.) the player ‘collected presents’ by spinning the wheel and collecting $1,000 times the number spun from each of the opposing players. If the player had twins or adopted two children, the amount was doubled.” Our friends had to rush out and get a larger car to fit the baby seats.