The medical elite took his hair. This time it's personal.

Well, CES (the Consumer Electronics Show) went on recently. Where should you turn for a review of the show? Why, an alternative medicine guru, of course! Here’s alternative medicine superman, Mercola’s review of it. (Watch his video to see some sweet dance moves.) I’m surprised he went with all of those “dangerous” cancer and heavy metal laden gadgets around him! His four humors will be all out of balance now. And who knows what it’s done to his midichlorian count?

+5 straw helmet of Avonlea

Some random stuff today… I was chatting to my friend about Anne of Green Gables (as one does) and I said that it’d make an outstanding videogame…oh wait…no it wouldn’t. Ironically, there was a Japanese anime version of it.
it's duped!

Anne has acquired a +3 satchel of timidity!

How do I know about Anne of Green Gables? A side-effect of having a sister.

I went in for a physical today. It had been a few years. Not really something I look forward to. All systems running within normal parameters. Every 2 years now, doc says.

special advertising feature

Do you describe your most unpleasant medical problems in graphic detail to the cringing displeasure of those around you? If so, you may suffer from Medico-dis-inhibition Syndrome. Ask your doctor about Inhibitrin.

“I used to describe the daily problems of my lower digestive tract in much greater detail than was ever necessary. Now, I don’t say anything about it!”

— Bob, Kansas

“People around me would dread my colds because I would describe the exact consistency of my sinusoid mucus. Now, I’m careful to use long medical terms to describe it.”

— Sue, New Jersey

“My impending surgery had everyone on edge because I’d describe the procedure in great detail to all who would listen. I’ve started to leave it vague since taking Inhibitrin.”

— Jake, Washington

tooth fairy collection agency

I just got back from a dental exam. That money the tooth fairy gave me as a kid? He’s back to collect, with compound interest. I need two fillings and they are going to “do something” about a problem crown I have. At this rate, I dunno how long my teeth are gonna last. They better get cracking on developing long-lasting synthetic teeth . . . with wireless networking. If I’m going to get something synthetic installed in my mouth, it may as well have Bluetooth. Thank you. Thank you very much.

We don't need no vaccination

Here‘s a page about the controversy around vaccination. In 1998, a guy named Andrew Wakefield implied that, because of his study on only 12 kids, measles-mumps-rubella vaccine causes autism. (I’m sure being paid $100,000 by trial lawyers made him totally impartial.) Alternative medicine people latched on to this idea. (They are very vocal.) Remember that this was around the beginning of the internet. Now 8 years later, if you search on google for “vaccination”, the top entry is a site about the “vaccination hoax”. This is a bit like searching google for 9/11 and finding the 9/11 conspiracy theory in the top 10. Anyway, here‘s a study of 27749 kids to see if thimerisol in vaccine causes autism. 27749 > 12

A little bit of this…a little bit of that

Somehow, I missed my alarm this morning, so I got up late. For breakfast, I went down to the restaurant downstairs at work. “I’d like one of those fine, petrified, dried up old bagels under the counter.” Well, that’s not EXACTLY what I said, but it’s what I got.

Last night, out of curiosity, I did Vanessa’s workout video with her. They start out easy, but I’d previously learned never to make fun of it, because they get much harder. I picked some weights that were prolly too heavy and was prolly making Rocky faces near the end. Also, I have the coordination of a one-footed elephant.


Sean had 3 nose bleeds today. This is the first time it’s happened. I guess this happened to Vanessa and her brother when they were kids, so they’re kinda used to it. But it’s pretty weird to me when someone just starts spontaneously bleeding out of their nose like that.