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Do you describe your most unpleasant medical problems in graphic detail to the cringing displeasure of those around you? If so, you may suffer from Medico-dis-inhibition Syndrome. Ask your doctor about Inhibitrin.

“I used to describe the daily problems of my lower digestive tract in much greater detail than was ever necessary. Now, I don’t say anything about it!”

— Bob, Kansas

“People around me would dread my colds because I would describe the exact consistency of my sinusoid mucus. Now, I’m careful to use long medical terms to describe it.”

— Sue, New Jersey

“My impending surgery had everyone on edge because I’d describe the procedure in great detail to all who would listen. I’ve started to leave it vague since taking Inhibitrin.”

— Jake, Washington


This heading on a website had me laughing. “More than half of adults with ADHD are too disorganized to get treatme — hey look at that crazy bird Let’s go get ice cream, I like sprinkles!”


Vanessa was talking about how the computer at her mom’s restaurant is filled with spyware. I need to find some way to change the Internet Explorer shortcut to go to Firefox but still show up as a blue E so that the users would just think they were using Internet Explorer.

Vanessa says she may or may not have seen this guy at the mall where there were lots of possible movie trailers about. I bet minor stars get a lot of “Will she recognize me? Is she actually going to know my name? Nope, didn’t recognize me.” moments.

Wanted to clarify a few points about about America for tourists who might visit the U.S. We all ride horses and wear cowboy hats. When you meet someone new, the custom is to say, “Warbly wap der sipaday.” You must then come up with three words that sound the same but have different spellings and meanings. The funny look they will give you is a look of respect. Thank you. Carry on. (Yeah, don’t follow that advice, ok.)

What is a serif and how did it get in my cereal? That little hangy-offy thing on the tips of the letters in some fonts was originally to keep the dust from collecting on letters when they were carved into stone in ancient Italy.