make your own board game

After playing a cooperative firefighting board game called Flash Point, I came up with the idea of one called House Work.  You must clean up the childrens’ toys and take care of the other chores before the house is enveloped in utter chaos.  It’s almost impossible to win because as you’re cleaning up toys in one room, the 1-year-old is scattering toys in two other rooms…somehow simultaneously.  Look out!  It’s an outbreak of laundry coming from the kid who’s decided to throw clean clothes directly into the laundry basket.  Just like Pandemic, you almost never win.

USB Genesis activation controls?

I was recently watching Wraith of Khan on Netflix.  Someone needs to build a USB version of the metal cylinder controls that Khan used to activate the Genesis device.  It’d just be hilarious to have to twist those knobs in in all kind of computing situations.  Sending a scathing email? Before sending it, Gmail would detect the words of anger and make you twist the knobs from largest to smallest while saying, “to the last, I will grapple with thee.”