Black Flag Sea Shanties

Some Black Flag Sea Shanty mp3s from Ubisoft

Drunken Sailor
Leave Her, Johnny
The Rio Grande
Fish in the Sea
Paddy Doyle’s Boots
Randy Dandy-O
Stormalong John
Homeward Bound
Johnny Boker
The Worst Old Ship
Roller Bowler
‘Way Me Susiana
Lowlands Away
Padstow’s Farewell
Where Am I To Go M’Johnnies
Hauley Hauley Ho
Derby Ram
Running Down to Cuba
The Coasts of High Barbary
Bully In The Alley
Spanish Ladies
The Dead Horse
So Early in The Morning



Miguel Jackson

Google Play I’m Feeling Lucky Radio thought I’d enjoy Michael Jackson singing in Spanish:  “Todo Mi Amor Eres Tu” (“I Just Can’t Stop Loving You” in Spanish).  I must admit, it does have me giggling.  I have no idea how it’s trying to figure out my tastes, though.  It’s doing a pretty bad job of it.

Hindi musical distortion

I was watching a Hindi movie and it seemed like it had a reasonable budget.  But then the audio would sometimes distort…especially when they were singing.  It’s like they blasted all the levels until the sound was distorted.  From what I was reading, this is a weird style thing.  Why would you destroy the songs in your musical with this wacky sound effect?

all innocuous, all the time

I heard 103.7, The Oasis playing in a restaurant yesterday.  It’s smooth jazz…muzak elevator music type stuff.  Who would listen to that?  Is there a whole fan base of people who love extremely generic music?  “Have you heard that new album from John Smith?  It has lots of…instruments.”  I can only assume it’s targeted at businesses.

Indie was the dog's name

I’ve been playing with

Fun stuff.  It’s a game-like music website where you can pick songs as a DJ or just sit there in listen.  You have a little character that stands in a room with many other characters and earn points when others like the song you pick.  Helps you find a lot of likable music you’ve never heard of.  Aside from obscure 80s stuff, I apparently like indie.  Indie?  Indie was the dog’s name.