The author of the classic Amiga game, Another World, has remade the game in high resolution. You can download the game here. You can play the first level, but have to pay to access the rest of the game.

I was reading about the “royal we” and it’s kinda funny. Speaking of royal, I was hearing on 6 Music that the queen has an ipod. Her fav song on there is apparently Jimi Hendrix – Little Wing.


We are looking to buy a used car. As we look in the paper, those in our size and price range seem to be exceedingly ugly cars (in my opinion). I think that if we are getting an ugly car, we should try to find the king of them all.

Ah well…guess I’ve never seen a nice family car design. None of them make you think, “Oh, that’d be fun to drive.” I’m missing the point, I think. There is no $10,000 5 seater Lotus Elise.
Here are the top voted ugliest cars in the UK.

We were in Best Buy last night and saw a lot of 80s music compilations for very low prices. Upon close examination, we noticed that the CDs would be labeled in sort of small print, “performed by The Nobodies” or some cover band anyway.


I must be an old fogey, because myspace makes me nervous. All those webpages under the control of a single company seems a bad idea from the point of control and personalization. The current fad is for a band to have a web page “under construction” and then merely a link to their myspace page.

Just to talk about the state of bands today, lemme just give an example. Lamacq Live plays Another Day by Neils Children. They’re a nobody band. It’s a good song. If they’re lucky, it’ll get played a lot on BBC 6 Music. If they’re not, you may never hear the song again. I say they should just put a link to the mp3 on their front page. No catches, no itunes, etc. This way, they stay on peoples’ mp3 players and in their heads, rather than potentially fading away. That song is the key to a lot of publicity. Maybe people spread the word about them and go to their concerts, giving money directly to them, rather than their music publisher. I could be wrong. Maybe the band will do fine without giving away their first top song. It just seems to me like a sure thing vs. a risk of fading out. By the way, the UK is pumping out good new music like nobody’s business right now. But turn on the radio in the US…Clear Channel song, commercial, commercial, old Clear Channel song, commercial, commercial, commercial, etc. Incidentally, New Mexico has more area than the UK, but about 3% of their population. The US has about 3% of the UK’s musical quality, but the UK has 3% of New Mexico’s food quality.
[Quality is a subjective measurement. See store for details.]

I was listening to the This Week in Tech podcast. Leo Laporte sounds like Space Ghost.

Poor Sean was wheezing like Darth Vader last night. Vanessa didn’t get much sleep, kinda staying up with him.


There’s this kinda dancehall reggae song by Matisyahu they’ve been playing on 6 Music. We were in Target last night and I heard the song playing from a TV. I looked up to see that he isn’t Jamaican, but a Hasidic Jew. You don’t usually seem someone with a fedora and long sideburns rapping. oyveyakasha.

Once in a while, I get pangs of Amiga nostalgia. Lemon Amiga is a nice little Amiga site. They even have their own nifty front-end for the difficult-to-use WinUAE.

Wonder if this lawsuit will be the end of teppan grill stunts. 🙁 We’ve almost been singed once or twice at teppan grills but it was great fun.

Vanessa and I went to Garduño’s for dinner last night as Sean’s gramma watched him. I gets the leftovers for lunch today. Huzzah! After that, we went to Best Buy. I tried that electric guitar PS2 game and tried to play a Ramones song. By the end of the song, I was having some fun. They say by the time you get really good in that game, you could have spent that time learning to play a real guitar.

I was trying to modify Mr. Cobol’s first C program. Meet Mr. Goto and Mr.badlynamedvariable. It must be King James C. Speaking of King James, look at this picture from an original King James bible print. It looks like the U and V are pretty much transposed from what they are today. What is their rule for when to use a normal S and when to use that S that looks like an F? The font, rather than sans-serif as you see on this page, seems to be super-serif. I guess if you’re going to the trouble of carving out a letter that will be printed a bazillion times, you may as well make it as decorative as possible.


It’s the Plastic Operator Folder video (mov) Catchity.

Meeting minutes from Nerdity 2006:
Finished Kingdom Hearts with its 5 endings. You think you beat the boss? Ha! He’ll just come back stronger the next 2 times. Never have I wanted a game to be over so much. I was getting tired of this “hurry back there so you can return to where you already are right now”. It was just getting to be not-fun. Then I remembered something similar with Final Fantasy 7. I think no more Squaresoft games for me. Dark Cloud 2 is more my style.

Ordered Papa John’s pizza over internet. Was up late one night with headache and not feeling so well. Have a cold now. Gaming and unhealthy food aren’t the best thing for the immune system.

Went to brother’s birthday party. He got an RC UFO that was pretty neat and simple to use. I got to try it the next day when it was charged. I landed it in the street and gave it back to him, since I was at risk of getting it run over.

Played more Sly Cooper…a game where you actually get direction on where to go next and what to do, rather than blindly experimenting for hours.

Watched a Dr. Who from 1970. It had crazy space mannequins. They used that idea in one of the new episodes too. As Kelly says, “Dr. Who doesn’t have special effects. It just has effects.”

Played BF2 (of course). Vanessa had ordered me an early Valentine’s present…a Sennheiser headset. That woman knows me well.

Family returned and we took Sean to Chuck E. Cheese’s. He was more interested in inserting the tokens and collecting the tickets than playing the actual games. He was quite unsettled by the animatronic characters and Chuck in the costume. Vanessa and I were going to go climb one of those rock walls until we found out it was outside and it was freezing out there.


Who doesn’t love them some robot songs? Probably the same people who hate pizza and chocolate if you must ask. Anyway, here’s Pete Radio‘s robot song podcast mp3.

Oddly, I was able to get through an entire Kingdom Hearts world last night. Must be an easier world than the underwater maze world. Like many Squaresoft games, it seems like most of the game is done by high quality artists, but one section, the spaceship part in between worlds, is done by Mrs. Bradley’s 6th grade class. Anyway, it looks like I’m in the home stretch of the game now. Now quit askin’ me, “How’s that videogame goin’?” Get off my back, people! (ha)


In the news, a woman lost 330 pounds by exercising and eating right. What? No insane fad diet of ham and bacon? No herbal supplement pills of quackery? No fat reduction surgery? That is news-worthy!

The Knife had a song called Heartbeats. Good pop synth song. Jose Gonzalez did an acoustic cover of it. Bad idea? You’re soaking in it.

Sean seems to have a molar coming in. It seems babies can get kinda sickly when those teeth come in so he has cold-like symptoms.

This morning as I was getting off the bus, I noticed the only other passenger I’ve ever seen with a PSP. I told him we ought to play wireless Burnout if he ever rides that bus. If his name is Newman, then everytime I see him, I can say, “Newman.”


What was the inventor of some of this shell scripting stuff thinking? Take ksh for example. “I think I’ll make a language that goes insane if you put spaces around an equals sign. Yeah, that’ll be hilarious. Let’s do some cute things with backwards words too…I was always a fan of that.”

It’s the video to the Nigerian hit, I Go Chop You Dollar. The singer sings about how the 419 Nigerian email scams are just a game. He is da winna. You are da losa.

Download (54 MB zip file) acoustic cover versions of some famous 80’s songs and TV themes from The B.A. Baracus band. There’ll be at least one in there you hate…and maybe even one you like.

As I rode my bike home from the bus last night, I realized it’s dark now while I’m riding. Time to get out the old magnet powered bike light so I wouldn’t get run over. Amazingly, I got it working on the bike.

Technical stuff: 0, Nathan: 1

Vanessa told me last night that the doorbell isn’t working. I looked up on the internet how to fix them. Connected wires at button manually. No go. Chime seems ok. There’s supposed to be a transformer hiding in a closet somewhere but I couldn’t find it.

Technical stuff: 1, Nathan: 1

The Sharkport came in that would let me write out a savegame from the internet that turned off the corner dance pad buttons while playing DDR Extreme so that we could actually play it. (Turns out the “Sharkport” is just a USB crosslink cable and some software on both sides.) I hooked it up and put the blue disc into the PS2. Turns out blue is the PS2’s least favorite disc color and it choked. Turns out the old PS2 wouldn’t even read old PS1 games. No way technical stuff is going to beat me this evening. Looked it up on internet and it turns out I need to realign the CD laser. After getting confused as to which version of PS2 I had, I finally get it open and fix it by around midnight. Corner buttons in the game are turned off…and we’ve only had the game for a year now.

Technical stuff: 1, Nathan: 2…Nathan wins! Unprecedented!

The Rapid Ride buses in Albuquerque now have free wireless internet! “All of the city’s 12 Rapid Ride vehicles now have wireless web access. There are 83 hot spots along the route that allow the buses to establish a connection from zone to zone.” I was browsing the web on the PSP this morning. Beefity. Now I can read slashdot while trying to figure out what that interesting bus smell is coming from.