I saw in the Blue Room playlist, Dinosaur Jr. covering The Cure’s Just Like Heaven. Thought, “I’m going to hate this.” (I disliked Dinosaur Jr…too generic.) Strangely, it turned out to be amusing enough…especially the heavy metal screams.

There’s a homeless woman with a dog whom I usually see in a tiny grass area in the center of the PNM buildings. I’m not sure if she lives there or not. There are some benches there and she has several bags with her. If she does live there, I guess you could call her the resident of PNM.

Yesterday, we briefly went to a park to watch part of a rugby tournament. We had no idea what was going on. One odd thing was that when they toss the ball in from out of bounds, both teams each have two guys lift a guy up to catch it. Some players wear things that look like wrestling helmets.


Here, have a sweet mp3. Ratatat – Seventeen Years

It’s the music video to The Bees – Chicken Payback in streaming Windows Media or Real Video. Best music video I’ve seen in a while.

So, on the Sony PSP couldn’t they have let you open a simple text file from the memory card? Is that too much to ask? Maybe Sony would let you do it if all you could put in the text file is “I love Sony”. I really hope someone eventually hacks the machine to run executables from the memory card. Of course, Sony would hate the idea. I love seeing proprietary stuff fixed to run the way the consumer wants it to.

Last night, it was round 3 in gramma Peny’s Scrabble Champeenship. Amazingly, I actually won. My first word was rigatoni which got rid of all my letters and gave me a 50 point bonus. Part of the game feels like luck, though. I mean, I sometimes wonder if expert players could still win if they were drawing all vowels like we were the other night. I just found a Scrabble page with a dictionary and even a cheat field to offer suggestions when you tell it what letters you have. This page has a text file of scrabble words that would probably serve as a dictionary. Good to put on a PDA.


Vanessa points me to this sweet t-shirt.

Hmm, Second Life is only a $10 initial fee. And they have a free one-week trial. I’ll have to look into that.

Here, sing along. DO IT!

The padding in our Ignition DDR pad is beginning to bunch up where we can’t get to it. I guess this is what happens to electronics when you stomp on them. With all we’ve spent replacing pads, we should have got one of these. But $360 for 1 after shipping. youch.

Why are videogame cartridges measured in megabits? I can’t get behind that!


Looks like they installed free wireless internet access at Civic Plaza here in Albuquerque. Wow, our first free hot spot.

6 Music says The Cure and Kraftwerk will be at Coachella this year. Kraftwerk…wow…they never show up anywhere that I know of.

We solved our last internet problem. It was a bit embarrassing. I called up Comcast and they helped me determine that my cable modem was turned off and I needed to push the power button. A real duh moment.

Hmm, I really haven’t been getting outside much. It often seems to be this way in the winter. Just too cold to do much outside. Maybe I just shouldn’t be such a wimp. Ah well, I still try to exercise indoors with DDR and now eyetoy. My kung foo is improving. It’s a game you play with a camera on the Playstation 2. I can defend myself quite well from dim sum being tossed at me.


As far as GBA games go, I hear Warioware Inc. is a pretty weird game. It has 200 5 second minigames without instructions where you just have to do some random task. “Minigames include brushing teeth, cracking an egg over a moving frying pan, shaking a dog’s paws and more.”

Comcast web servers are unreliable. You might be unable to access this page sometimes and sometimes you’ll get through with no problem.

Evin did a much improved version of my me as a black guy photoshop.

We got back from the vacation at Virginia Beach area. It were loverly even though it was cloudy and rainy all except one day. Vanessa’s dad lives out there and we also saw many of her cousins. Her brother visited. Her aunt (tita Malou) served a great deal of tasty Filipino food all week. Corn was also served. We went to Busch Gardens amusement park. A nice place. We rode the Loch Ness roller coaster several times. Great one, that is. (Here’s a video) Busch Gardens usually does copies of whatever shows are currently popular. Last time, it was a River Dancing Clone. This time, it was Imaginique, a Cirque du Soleil clone. The singer for the show sounded like Eccentric Opera. Rhythmic classical opera stuff. Some amazing visual artsy stuff and trapeze stuff and the weirdest clowns I’ve ever seen.

On one day of the week, it was actually sunny. We visited a swamp where there is a concrete trail running through it. (I’d never been to a swamp, since I live in the desert.) Turtles and various insects abounded. After that, it was off to the beach! We got a cheap body board to ride some waves. I could play in the waves for days at a time. I had a huge grin on my face the whole time. Eventually, some storm clouds approached and Vanessa had to tear me away from the waves. She said it gets kinda nasty when there’s a storm on the beach.

We took a ship tour of the Virginia Beach area. Lunch was served on board as well as amusing entertainment. One of the singers sang to Tita Malou.

One day we went to Captain George’s Seafood Restaurant. It has the supermegaultra seafood buffet. It even had Mahi. Vanessa and Uncle Danny mainly ignored everything else and went for the crab legs. (le video)

Cyndi Lauper had a free concert on the naval base which we went to. She sang less synthesized versions of most of her classic songs. She sang some new stuff too. We were about two hours early for the concert and got to sit through her sound check but we were right up at the front during the concert. She seems very picky about her sound setup. She was even correcting things during the concert. She moved speakers as she sang. She patted her stomach to tell them to turn up the bass as she sang. I pity the sound guys who work for her.

We found the game Mad Maestro on special at Walmart. It’s a cute Japanese music-based game where you conduct an orchestra to make certain things in the game happen. Along the lines of Parappa and Um Jammer Lammy.


PNM is asking the regulatory committee if they can sell power from the upcoming wind farm. If they wish, customers could optionally pay more to buy green power which costs more to produce. Wonder how many environmentalists will do this if it goes through.

We went to the Manzano Mesa Multi-generational center (just rolls off the tongue) where they have some exercise equipment. As 1st Timothy 4:8 says, “bodily exercise profits little.” Well, that’s how the King James version says it. Sounds a bit more pessimistic than other versions, but always gives me a chuckle when I exercise.

I was playing some 80’s MIDI files through the adapter to the keyboard last night. We were singing that A-ha song and some others. I must learn to play them! In a western town in a dead-end world!


Just found this site for finding musical recommendations. It looks pretty useful for those with more obscure tastes in music.

Here’s an interesting article about the dollar value of virtual objects in online games. Amusing to think that people are actually making money from virtual objects. Also interesting to think about the possibility of creating your own objects in games…perhaps things like a ghetto blaster that plays mp3s from the player’s hard drive. All sorts of odd interactions between the virtual and the real world could happen. Perhaps you could put digital pictures from your hard drive into a picture frame in the game. Perhaps the game could scan your website bookmarks, documents and mp3 file names and learn a great deal about you to tailor the game accordingly. You can download objects like clothes or other things for The Sims at websites like this one.

Went to doc for physical this morning. All systems are running within acceptable parameters. Still must do blood test of some kind. I had never gone for a full physical before and I figured I might as well since I’m paying for insurance. It was somewhat like taking a car in for a tune-up.


The wedding date is moved up to September 29. They checked out Vanessa’s dog at my apartment office and said the dog’s not too big to live there after we get married. Very excited and wishing it was even sooner but there are other scheduling constraints. Got wedding bands this weekend. Went to bible study. Helped Vanessa rebuild her mom’s swamp cooler. (Well, not really but there sure is a lot of work in replacing parts.)

Went to some seminar about how the houses in the upcoming development are built. I look forward to installing stuff from smarthome.com…like robotic sentries. Well, not really.

Ya know, these 80s radio stations remind me that there really is a lot of unpleasant 80s music. From Journey to John Cougar Mellencamp to Billy Joel. It wasn’t all cool synths and rhythms. I guess there have always been ballads but you can avoid them if you try…unless you have a girlfriend. 🙂 Ever notice that Belinda Carlisle sounds surprisingly like a chipmunk?

Hmm, disturbing new trends in spam…”You’ve received 2 free cruise tickets.” Doesn’t that push into the realm of fraud? The spammer seems to be in Russia though. Wonder if it’s smarter than the old “Here’s that e-mail you requested” thing. Oh well, just keep reporting spam to spamcop. Gotta love that site.