There is apparently a place in London called Eel Pie Island. “The eel pies served were famous and led to the [naming] of the island although with increased pollution the eel population declined and pies are no longer made.” When an eel pie is the best thing you can find to eat, you know you’re in Britain. Fortunately, I hear they’ve brought in curry now and that’s all anyone eats. No word on eel curry pie. Here’s a picture of the island. Seems like the past has come up with all nature of culinary oddities that delighted at the time, but that future generations would find abhorrent. Mincemeat pie, anyone?

I went out to a sort of large pond by the river near Tingley Beach this weekend. We were helping to plant varieties of plants in the mud there so that one plant species (like cattail) wouldn’t take over. Unfortunately, most of the plants they plant are eaten by geese and other birds. In fact, as we labored in the mud, ducks and geese swam in the pond waiting for us to leave so they could swoop in on the tasty vittles we’d just put down for them. Some city employees were laying down a biodegradable netting over some sections to see if it works. Other bird countermeasures they’ve tried have been large balloons or ribbons fluttering in the wind. None have worked so far.


Ah, another day of fighting with Microsoft Word formatting. I have what is seemingly a series of tables or perhaps one big table that I want to split. Mission impossible. I’ll just call up Microsoft for some help. (Yeah, right)

Ya know what my favorite cereal is? Cracklin’ Oat Bran. Creepy, I know, but have you tried that stuff? It’s like little cookies in milk!

We just installed AIM on the Dell Axim. Strangely, it is free at the UK website but is $20 at the US website. Hmm, choices choices eh?

Yesterday we went on a tour of the San Juan Generation Station near Farmington. It was a pretty neat tour
Here is a picture I thought was reminiscent of a DEVO video. Inside the plant was hot and dusty with coal dust. The plant basically works like those old steam locomotives. A nearby coal mine produces the coal that they burn to heat water into steam to push huge turbines. Power flows into the western grid and goes wherever it is needed. Apparently, much of the electricity produced there goes to L.A. One interesting thing was all of the effort they go through to re-use water and to catch as much pollutant as possible using static electricity. In one area of the plant, they even do their own water and sewage processing. Still, it looks like the ongoing drought is going to cause problems because of the huge amount of water needed. They lose a lot to evaporation.

I think I got my PC back to normal without reinstalling Windows. I reinstalled the Intel Application Accelerator and it’s back up to speed. That’s the second time I’ve recently been able to snatch Windows XP from the jaws of re-installation. It happened at work too. Now to try to get the DVD burning problem fixed. I will be trying this.