Let's get on those story points 'cause I'm worried about the velocity of the burn down.

In scrum software development, there are all these ridiculous special phrases like “story points”, “burn down”, etc.  Specialized phrases always annoyed me.  Why can’t you just speak in plain English?  Why do they have to invent these silly terms?  Is it just to protect the trademark of the process inventor?  It’s kind of like Bananagrams…great (and stressful) word game, but instead of “next” you say “peel” and “bananas” instead of “done”.

Stored procedures in C#

You can write stored procedures in C#.  Who knew?  SQL is an ancient language that LOOKS VERY SHOUTY because it’s often in all caps.  I was just noticing that T-SQL added TRY/CATCH back in 2005.  Maybe Microsoft will modernize their version of SQL as they did VB.  You can do any object-oriented stuff in VB as you can in C#…like attributes…if you can stomach the syntax.  Imagine modern object-oriented programming in an ALL CAPS language.