hoarding houses

We watched Hoarders last night.  Vanessa says Kelly Rippa watches the show and it keeps her awake after she watches it.  It reminded me that a friend of mine is now renovating the 2nd hoarding house he’s bought to sell.  This was a cat lady with 20 or more cats.  The drywall was ruined 18 inches down, all over, due to spraying.  Collapsed roof in one room.  They had to go in with gas masks.  The former occupant had ended up living in a small area near the front of the house.  So, remember to go and get rid of some stuff…RIGHT NOW!

Programming by face and Ken Jennings

Couple o’ things…

Ken Jennings (one of the former Jeopardy! champions) has a blog.  He even has a FAQ.  People sometimes ask him to pay off their student loans.  His response:

So, what about paying off my student loans?
Get a job, hippie!

Also, face.com has a facial recognition API that uses facebook.  This dude used it to make an automatic DJ program.

A couple of very unimportant things

On the shoulder of the road this morning as I drove to work, I spotted what looked like crushed fist-sized rubies and later, a large turkey drumstick.  The hazards of scooter riding.

I finally finished watching the winter olympics.  I’d recorded a couple of evenings worth when it was on and we just left it on as we made pizza and apple pie the other evening.  Speed skating is pretty cool the way they sneak around the inside or even the outside of the other racers…and win by a fraction of a blade.