It’s the Plastic Operator Folder video (mov) Catchity.

Meeting minutes from Nerdity 2006:
Finished Kingdom Hearts with its 5 endings. You think you beat the boss? Ha! He’ll just come back stronger the next 2 times. Never have I wanted a game to be over so much. I was getting tired of this “hurry back there so you can return to where you already are right now”. It was just getting to be not-fun. Then I remembered something similar with Final Fantasy 7. I think no more Squaresoft games for me. Dark Cloud 2 is more my style.

Ordered Papa John’s pizza over internet. Was up late one night with headache and not feeling so well. Have a cold now. Gaming and unhealthy food aren’t the best thing for the immune system.

Went to brother’s birthday party. He got an RC UFO that was pretty neat and simple to use. I got to try it the next day when it was charged. I landed it in the street and gave it back to him, since I was at risk of getting it run over.

Played more Sly Cooper…a game where you actually get direction on where to go next and what to do, rather than blindly experimenting for hours.

Watched a Dr. Who from 1970. It had crazy space mannequins. They used that idea in one of the new episodes too. As Kelly says, “Dr. Who doesn’t have special effects. It just has effects.”

Played BF2 (of course). Vanessa had ordered me an early Valentine’s present…a Sennheiser headset. That woman knows me well.

Family returned and we took Sean to Chuck E. Cheese’s. He was more interested in inserting the tokens and collecting the tickets than playing the actual games. He was quite unsettled by the animatronic characters and Chuck in the costume. Vanessa and I were going to go climb one of those rock walls until we found out it was outside and it was freezing out there.


I watched the first season of Max Headroom. In general, the soundtrack was synths, but the season finale had a bunch of guitar solo at the end…and that’s how you know it was the 80s. Guitar solo was to the 80s as cowbell was to the 70s. Can’t let anything escape without a guitar solo now, can we? I took a screen capture of Max as my desktop.

Well, tonight begins Nerdity 2006 for me. I spend a couple of days doing nerdly things. Let’s see…what’s for dinner? Taco Bell would be appropriate, I think. In case you don’t live in the US and don’t know what Taco Bell is, it’s a fast-food place with horrid pseudo-Mexican food that I am drawn to for some inexplicable reason. I think it breaks every rule I have about what good food is. I think it’s like my cousin who’s recently been listening to all the Billboard 100 mp3s. He hates it, and yet he does it anyway. Reminds me a bit of this verse.

I remember laughing at this commercial for some game design college on TV about a year ago. I was wondering if it was filmed in the nineties or something. My cousin was wondering why the commercial says, “Not intended for residents of Texas or Massachusets.” We figured that these 1337 coders are doing some kinda fancy assembly code using PS1 joysticks. No ordinary programmer can do that. My cousin says that there is certainly no Texan or Massachusettsese person who can. If you’re interested in acting, be sure to watch the subtle performances in this video. They must have gone to the Hayden Christensen School of Acting.

Anakin in a moment of shock/sadness/happiness/anger or something.


I was just watching Space Ghost Coast to Coast episode 34 with Martin Yan and some other cooks. Almost made me choke on my frozen rigatoni. Adding all Spaceghosts to Netflix queue. That should hold you, queue. Taunt me again and I’ll push you over 300. Wonder if Vanessa would notice if I pushed them ahead of the Hawaiian Bhangra Fu Pilates DVD?


It appears that you can download a few video clips from Kidd Video at this site. This was an 80s cartoon in which some live action characters get turned into cartoons in some musical world. (“Ay-ay-ay, we look like cartoons!”) The series originally included famous music and music videos. “When the series was re-run in 1992, all of the music videos were removed, and all of the pop music during animated sequences was replaced with an original song entitled ‘You Better Run’.” This was probably due to the prohibitive cost of licensing the music. Thanks for messing up an obscure 80s cartoon, RIAA!

Don’t you hate it when you’re just looking for a quick how-to on how to do something. You find a web page or book about it, skim through it, find the first example that does what you want, and do it. Then, it takes you a long time to figure out it seems to be a slow way to do things. Then you go back to the web page or book and find that the author was going through 5 idiotic ways to do something before they get to the best way. Must get paid by the word or something.

Bad games morning. Squeezed in a few minutes of BF2 before going to work. Public server, so of course I’m on the team where there’s no teamwork. Painstakingly and stealthily ride raft over to the faraway island, creep up to the flag to take it. denied. Repeat ad nauseum. In Burnout Legends on the bus, I was trying to win the sports car GP race. Racing on an insanely shaky bus is hard. Crash. crash. crash. crash. crash. crash. crash. Sometimes ya just can’t win.


I was looking at Comcast cable modem costs if you don’t have cable. 15 more.

Ah, I found out who that channel 16 eyeshadow woman is. Geraldine Amato Now that I’ve solved the mystery, I’ll probably never watch her again. That channel puts me to sleep anyway. Oh, and she has her own show on Albuquerque public access. Amato’s World! Party time! Excellent! (just kidding)

In the parking lot where I sometimes park for work, there’s an empty Dark Eyes vodka bottle. Do you really want to put that name on a product that, if made incorrectly, could cause blindness?