It’s 2000?  Where did I put my silver jumpsuit?

I is one bad emulatin’ dude.  Neo
Geo?  Emulatin’ it.  Amiga?  Emulatin’ it.  Capcom
arcade systems?  You know I be all over dat.  Name pretty much
any arcade system and I be partyin’ all up in der.  If you ain’t into
the emulation scene, you missin’ out.  Play
all your favorite arcade games that you miss so much.


Got my groove on at Coachella this weekend.  A 2-day concert set with bands I’d never get to see, like Fantastic Plastic Machine, Gus Gus, DJ Shadow, Moby, Esthero, Cibo Matto, Morrissey, Chemical Brothers, Bis, Beck, Banco de Gaia, Mix Master,  Mike, Art of Noise, etc.  ¡Que bueno! I don’t think there was,  a single band I disliked. It was in the desert near Palm Springs.  Only bad things about it were that cameras weren’t allowed inside (ohsomanywonderfulpicturescouldhavebeentaken) and the blasting furnace heat.
The Juiceman heartily endorses Coachella.  “You just wish that you could draw the molybdenum and potassium straight out of Coachella.  But you can’t.  That’s why you need the Juicemaster.”