cattails, Blockbuster, low end videocard

A few miscellaneous things…

We went walking along the Rio Grande near Tingley Beach the other day and I had forgotten how cattails can be explosive when they’re ripe.  Sean was having fun with the fuzzy ‘splosions.  In case you’re unfamiliar with Albuquerque, “Tingley Beach” is just some ponds near the river.  The model yacht club sails their boats there on Saturdays and the geese are all over the place.  Between the main ponds and the river are a couple of secret ponds with lots of neat plants and a little swampy mud pass area for the kids to fall into.

We tried Blockbuster instead of Netflix.  It seemed nice because they offered games for the same price.  Unfortunately, they’re so incredibly slow that it’s not even worth it.  There are no Blockbusters in Albuquerque to do the “manual trade-in” anyway.

There is nothing sadder for a PC gamer than to have to buy a low-end video card.  In our media PC, the PCIe x1 slot for the TV card and PCIe x 16 slot for the video card are right next to each other.  So, the cards are right up against each other…giving little ventilation to the video card and a very short life.  Thus, I ran out to Best Buy the other night to buy a low-end video card to replace it.  How many polygons per second?  Who cares?  It’s just a video card that does the minimum…wasting away there.


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