Cheaper is sometimes better

I recently got what seemed to be a nice pair of ear buds on sale.  They were discounted from $100 to $20.  They had small earpieces that looked like they would fit well and even a durable nylon cord.  Unfortunately, they kept slipping out of the ears and had bad static problems on my cranky Zune, which reboots at the slightest amount of static shock.  They also got uncomfortable pretty quickly.  So, it was back to the trusty, cheap, and comfortable skullcandy ear buds I’d been using.  They may not sound great, but they stay in the ear, have no static problems, and most importantly, can be worn for long periods comfortably.  As with anything you buy on Amazon, try sorting the reviews by lowest rating and see why some people hated them.  If you’re going to have problems with something, it’ll probably be covered there.

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