Classes on the bus, Free spiffy DNS

I’m not ordinarily a Microsoft shill, but you just have to deal with them sometimes. Microsoft has put up a lot of educational videos on their site. You can even download them in various odd formats like PSP mp4. Wanna learn Visual Studio 2008 stuff? They probably figure that if they can get enough developers learning Microsoft, they can gain an advantage. They could be right. I’m not exactly seeing a lot of Ruby on Rails (or whatever the latest hip non-Microsoft language is) video tutorials available for download on my PSP. (Actually, I’m not really seeing many PSP videos of any kind.)

UPDATE: Turns out these PSP videos seem to be out-of-sync with the audio. So much for my bus class plans.

I think I’ll try Point your router at their DNS server and you can block adult, phishing, and any number of other site categories. They claim to be faster and more reliable. We’ll see.

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