Climber 49er

Sean and I went hiking in the foothills Saturday. He’s actually enthusiastic about it now and didn’t want to come down. (Last time we went, there was a lot of whining and asking us to carry him.) We climbed a large hill and he kept wanting to go up and down along different routes. It’s all about climbing the rocks for him. He sounds pretty interested in camping this summer.

Vanessa’s scheduled to be induced this week, so we’ll hopefully have another kid around soon. That reminds me, I better rest up.

One thought on “Climber 49er”

  1. I heard you had little Mia this morning around 5am or so???
    CONGRATS!!!! I hope Mom and baby are both doing well.
    We can’t wait to meet little miss Mia.

    Auntie Ilene

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