Come back brain! Brain? Braaaaaaaiiiin!

Having a computer nearby over time has slowly turned my handwriting into an exercise in cryptographics that even I can’t understand; my memory into a google pointer; my math skills into WindowsKey-R calc; and my spelling and grammar into watching out for the squiggly red underline. (Did I even use those semicolons correctly?) I’ve been trying to turn the tide lately. It goes slowly. Vanessa stomps me in Brain Age 2 to the point that she may as well be playing against no opponent at all. I’ve been doing things like actually trying to remember character names in movies or TV shows and even stooping to *gasp* math by hand.

It’s been a long time since I’ve done long division. There’s a similar method called short division. I practiced it bit and it looks like you could get pretty fast at it. If you’re doing larger numbers, quickly figure out the divisor (number on the left) multiplied by the numbers one through nine.

[You’ll never get me to practice handwriting though, coppers!]

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