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In my blog comments, Mohamed Kdadouri (if that is his real name) keeps trying to send spam comments for Dude, it didn’t work the first 50 times. You’re using the wrong blog spam software. looks like a $300 scam.

UPDATE: I ended up editing wp-comments-post.php to filter him out. I’m sure there are better ways to do it, like with a plugin, though.

UPDATE: Ok, if you are getting comment spam in your wordpress blog, install the Akismet plugin. You have to get a free wordpress account and a code, but it’s caught 7 spam for me since I installed it a few days ago.

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  1. I have been looking at the crimeshare website for some time.Unfortunately, I got involved as a salesman. When I reallised it was a total con, Ileft immediately.. I discovered crimeshare by chance and thought it was a great site. It,s the biggest scam of the lot. They slag off all the opposition. You will then be approached by one of the companies that owns them, HRH SL Timeshare resales, Goldflash, Auctionwise or Timeshare Council. But you can trust them, because they expose the bad guys and they’re not on the crimeshare black list. For a one off payment of 295 they guarantee blah blah blah. Sound Familiar. Run by a guy called Mohamed Kdadouri aka Kdadourian in Spain. He’s your spammer . Its not hard to track down his ISP or domain or even his postal address.

  2. Further to earlier reply. there are so many sites contaminated, it’s impossible to find the one with the right information. However, the domain server is NS1.HRH.ES { web site hosted by Ibernet hosting SL at Tucides 24, Malaga, Spain. Sorry can’t help more.Type in ‘can spam hurt a company’ on google to find out all about crimeshare.

  3. Dear Mr. Bednarz,

    I would very much like to get in touch with you regarding the above posting. I can provide you with detailed information re. who was behind this website.

    Kind regards,

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