Deceptively difficult games

Why do games that seem to be kid-friendly suddenly ramp up the difficulty to an insane level? ¬†Super Mario Galaxy, Rayman Origins, and Ori all have this friendly cartoony look to start…by the end of the game, you’re lucky if you’re getting through the game just by luck, trying the same level over and over again.

Well, anyway, as we just finished Rayman Origins, here’s the best song in the game. ¬†Catchy

One thought on “Deceptively difficult games”

  1. I relate much to this. Shantae is a neat journey and pirates so cute. Then this impossible monster centipede level were you must jump up the tower or die! I must have tried for two hours before crying and stressing.
    Now when I move through a game and get to a hard spot I spend 15 minutes trying and if I can’t get it I call for Brighton. It usually takes him 1.5 attempts.

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