desert camping and lasers

We went camping in the desert near Deming with a few other families from church this past weekend.  I’d never camped in the desert before, so it was interesting.  During the night, the moon was out so we could see without lights while walking out of the tent.  In the heat of the day, we just lounged in the shade, as you don’t feel like doing much.  Our friend out there had made a kind of obstacle course and zip line, which was great fun.

My friend brought several lasers.  With the 20 mW green laser, he was able to point at stars and the beam showed up as far as you could see.  He also had a 1 W ultraviolet laser.  It had a very wide beam and was really cool to see.  I like those things, but one shot into a reflective surface, and you could really injure an eye…so I’ve just stuck with the tiny cheapo red lasers.  In fact, after I got one of the cheap ones, I told my son, who was 5 at the time…Rule # 1:  don’t point it into your eye.  Even then, I found him in the back of the car pointing it right into his eye from an inch away.


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