drip drip…torrent…stall

Our Orbit 57162 sprinkler timer seems to be throwing a fit. Enter the time. Next. Enter the year. Next. Enter the time. Etc. etc. Well, I guess Home Depot has them for $25 and it’ll probably last another 8 years. Our drip system also leaks from the main spigot and pops off the little dripper attachments. Quality all-round!

UPDATE: I was just about to go over to Home Depot and buy a replacement sprinkler timer when Vanessa said, “You better make sure you weren’t just doing something dumb, like forgetting to press enter after entering things on the keypad.” I went home and tried it, and it turned out I’d neglected to hit “enter” as instructed while entering time and date on the Orbit 57162 sprinkler timer. Drr.

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