Dvorak keyboard

I’m kinda curious about the Dvorak keyboard layout.  It would be so much faster than the QWERTY layout.  I’m slowly teaching Sean to type and it seems like a neat idea for him too, but I wouldn’t want him to have problems on normal keyboards.


The QWERTY layout was originally designed to slow people down so this wouldn’t happen.

Because of ye olde typewriters, the QWERTY keyboard has silliness like wasting a home row key for a semicolon.  It certainly doesn’t apply anymore.

Dvorak PROS:

  • Faster because the most-used keys are on the home row
  • Easier on the wrists and hands because vowels are on left hand, making you alternate hands as you type
  • You can change your layout in Windows via the control panel.


Dvorak CONS:

  • Could you still just walk up to someone’s QWERTY keyboard and type competently?
  • You’d probably have to switch your keyboard back to QWERTY for gaming.
  • This will probably never catch on for most people.

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