Eeee's back!

Back from vacation. Que lastima! We went to Riverwalk in San Antonio. We took the boat tour around the city. Very scenic. Went to Rainforest Cafe. We walked around the Alamo a bit, but I was unable to find the basement. We went to Sea World there as well. Sean seems to have had hand, foot, and mouth disease. Boy, that sounds serious! But it’s actually just a minor illness that babies get. Unfortunately, his cousin seems to have gotten it too, since it’s rather contagious. Vanessa’s brother took us all to Chuck E. Cheese for Sean’s pre-birthday. Today’s his birthday. Sean seems to freak out when everyone is looking at him and singing Happy Birthday. Starts screaming and crying. We went to the beach in Galveston, which was quite fun. I always love swimming in the ocean. Sean liked it too. Warm water. The sand was very fine there and got all in the water, making it brown. Also covered the car, but blew off as we drove. Ate at Mediterranean Cafe in Galveston…very good. Later ate at Jame’s Coney Island hotdog place…very good. On the plane ride back, I had a stomach illness of some sort. I was getting pretty nervous on the plane and had to make sure the little baggies were supplied. Fortunately, I didn’t have to use one and made it through without incident. That was Sean’s last free plane ride, since he’s two now.

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