Equation o' danger

We went out to my grandparents’ in Peralta on the fourth. It’s a more rural area, so you’d think most any fireworks would be legal there. Nope. Firecrackers are now illegal, it seems. Somehow, firecrackers are a fire hazard, but fountains that spray sparks everywhere are no problem. We let Sean light some fireworks, which he really liked. I think the sparklers are actually more dangerous than just lighting fuses with a punk and running away. (Although we let him play with sparklers too.) With a sparkler, you’re swinging around white hot metal. We probably ought to rethink letting him play with sparklers. Whatever the case, you can’t deny the facts. Morning glories (a kinda flame-shooting sparkler) + ant den = awesome. I was reminded of this guy’s talk about “5 dangerous things you should let your kids do”.

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