Escape from the Planet of the Hissing, Hidden Window

What’s up with sound effects in nature shows? That really irks us. We’ve been watching Planet Earth. Reptiles are the worst. Underwater snakes make a rattling sound. Who knew? Apparently, Bob, The Bored Sound Guy, can’t bear to see a reptile scene without adding some “monster cat hissing” sound. Plants and fungus shown growing in fast motion make a balloon-rubbing noise. I mean, the series is already impressive enough. Why’d they have to add a bit of cheese? Watch the second half of this video for an example.

I just noticed how much mischief it causes you in Windows XP when you move a window as far as you can to the lower right of the screen. If you are lucky, if you can find the few exposed handle pixels to move it back. And depending on the type of window, you may not be able to resize it. Since XP remembers the previous position of the application when you last had it opened, you might start an application that had previously been “lower-rightized” and think that it had not come up at all.

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