Foody food

The other day, Vanessa and I went to Taj Palace on Eubank…probably the best Indian food we’ve ever had.  We were kinda disappointed when we saw sopapillas where the naan usually is.  (eh?)  But then they brought supa garlic naan to the table.   It were quite tasty.

Someone got a cake for a party that wasn’t really eaten so they gave it to us.  It was a  supa chocolate cake from Flying Star.  They said it was a $50 cake.  I can’t imagine paying $50 for a cake unless it’s for a wedding.  What was it like?  Have you ever seen a Boa Constrictor on a nature show swallowing an egg?  It’s like that…thick and heavy with lots of rich icing…so you better have something to drink standing by.

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  1. Did we ever report back about our Hindi food trials over there? We fell in love with Annapournas. I am all over veggie, Ayurvedic. That could be the best Chai tea I have ever tasted. (with soy not milk)

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