Frustrating Nemo, gone movie gone, rise of rations

Sean and I borrowed the Finding Nemo PS2 game. You’d think it would be an easy kid’s game. You have chosen the way of PAIN! Spent half an hour last night doing the same sections of a level over and over and over and over. It’s like trying to unravel a cable knit sweater that someone just keeps knitting and knitting and knitting and knitting! Then if you’re lucky enough to get to the end of a series of randomly placed do-overs in this level, you’re rewarded with one of those sliding tile puzzles. I had to call in Vanessa to do that one. Sean’s playing experience for the level: “help me daddy” [hands me controls]

Sean was watching The Incredibles in HD on TV the other night. We mainly use Netflix, rather than TV, so he really hated the commercials. “Where did the movie go?” “This is a commercial.” “I don’t like commercials.” He he…that’s my boy.

We went out to the foothills at the base of the Sandia mountains a couple of times and climbed rocks. On the sandy desert walk to the rocks and boulders, Sean would plod along slowly and complain about being tired. (To be fair, it was quite a distance for him.) But then we’d get to the rocks and he’d suddenly be happy and excited to climb the rocks. A tip for taking a kid on a long walk…give them a stick to drag and play with.

The Thanksgiving meal Vanessa made was quite tasty. The turkey was splattering all over the oven, causing lots of smoke, but still tasted fine. (She remedied this with a foil tent placed over the turkey.) Had a nice time with Vanessa’s brother and family coming to visit. Actually got someone to play Rise of Nations with me! Now I’m back in the Risk-style single player mode (on Easy, being the RTS wimp that I am.)

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