game acronym extravaganza

Vanessa’s been gone to TX with Sean. I’m on call, so I couldn’t go. 🙁 Glad she’s getting to see her dad and her new nephew though. So, in BF 2142, many victories. BFME, almost to Helm’s Deep on Isengard campaign. DQ 8, I laughed out loud at the hero getting psyched up to 100 and his hair busting out dragon ball Z style. There was also a hilarious moment when four monsters suddenly team up Voltron style and say, “I’ll form the head! I’ll form the body! etc.” That game is like the “I know an old woman who swallowed a fly” song. You have to help the prince hunt the lizard to get the king to give you the mirror (which needs to be reactivated by a sea serpent) to open the door on the northern island to catch Dhoulmagus. And that’s just a small bit of it. And you encounter monsters every few seconds while doing it.

On Christmas day, some friends from church kindly invited me over for lunch. We played a few rounds of Boggle. Vanessa wasn’t there to stomp everyone, though!

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