Gotta love the lock-in

A coworker was just telling me about how she’d gotten a new top-of-the-line 64-bit Vista quad core PC with 4 GB of memory. Now they’re unable to use their extremely expensive Adobe Creative Suite 2. Adobe expects people to fork out for the newest extremely expensive Creative Suite 3. Imagine buying a computer you think will run your applications without even breathing hard, and finding it chokes on them altogether. Yay! Here are Adobe’s statements about Vista support (in, what else, PDFÂ…because who makes any money from normal web pages?) It could be half Adobe’s fault and half Microsoft’s, but my suggestion was that she look into GIMP to work with pictures. However, that’s probably not very practical for professional work because it makes you incompatible with everyone else and you have to relearn everything. So you just pay and the cycle continues. Adobe’s statement on it all: “I’m sorry. I couldn’t hear you over the rustle of all this cash.”

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