Have you tried rebooting the computer? It's acronym time!

Let’s talk a moment about antiquated terms that we take for granted but may not fully understand today. Bootstrapping. When was the last time you had to pull on boots by a boot strap? Moon boots don’t come with a boot strap, pal! The term “bootstrapping” may come from a tale of Baron Münchhausen, in which he pulled himself out of a swamp by his boot straps. This is where the computer term “booting” comes from…putting simple software tools in place to allow for the more complex operating system to load. Ah, bootstrapping…how far you’ve come! From mired swamps to the most popular tech-support suggestion for Windows.

Avert your eyes if you’re not into PSP technical stuff. After having many problems with PSP Video 9 in encoding DVD VOBs to PSP mp4s and having problems with the audio being all sped up, I switched to xvid4psp. It works! Huzzah! Now if I can just overcome the TVersity to PS3 VOB streaming flickering problems, I can move on to the next technical difficulty that will inevitably come up.

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