hold them windows together!

If you’ve tried GIMP for image editing in Windows, perhaps you’ve noticed the annoying things that happen when you alt-tab to another application and then want to alt-tab back to your image. GIMP falls into a bunch of pieces. Layer window is separate from the image, which is separate from the window for the main GIMP tools. To force all the windows to stick with the main image window, go to the main GIMP toolset window. File->Preferences->Window Management. Check “Toolbox and other docks are transient to the active display”. This works fine when you’re editing a single image, but may have a few issues when you’re working on multiple images and iconify one of them. Ah well. Better than the default, I guess. Here’s the developer’s blog about it.

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  1. I searched for Space Ghost Coast to Coast on google images and a picture of an adorable child adorned in a power domecame up, and my heart melted. So I thought I’d share the warmth that you’re stuff brought me. carry on.

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