Holiday board games 2014

Over the recent holidays, we got a nice chance to play some board games with Uncle BoardGame. ¬†ūüôā¬† We played Castle Panic…a cooperative game in which you have to fend off orcs, trolls, etc. that are trying to destroy your castle.¬† We played Bombay…a trading game in which you trade silk on cute little elephants.¬† We played¬†Cities…a simple little tile-building game that he was able to expand from 4 to 8 players just by buying 2 sets.¬† My son really liked¬†Say Anything in which you have several opinion-based questions on a card. ¬†We played a game where you balance bent-up metal rods, called Suspend. ¬†Reminded me of Jenga. ¬†Someone gave Sean Millionaire Monopoly. ¬†It’s close to normal Monopoly, except that the first person to $1M wins, so you don’t get into that depressing situation where one person takes a couple of hours to beat the other players. ¬†But this has an odd loophole where all the other players could suddenly buy one of their losing co-players’ properties and suddenly propel that person to a win…but this would be pretty spiteful!

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