I must protest, Captain. I am not a handyman.

My #1 requirement in a vehicle is an auxiliary audio input.  (I don’t care if the vehicle actually runs.)  We got a used Nissan Quest a while back and it has a ridiculous shaped center console that the stereo is in.  The stereo is a custom size and shape and besides, the stereo buttons are built-in on the top.

So, replacing the stereo is out.  Next best option, an adapter from GROM Audio that plugs into the satellite input on the back and lets you do Bluetooth and aux input and even charges USB.  Thus began last night’s 6 hour nightmare in broken console tabs, broken shifter tab, etc.  How do you pull tabs out of slots in a car?  You break them, that’s what you do.  It’s like Nissan intentionally made the stereo the most difficult thing possible to access.  They made sure that unrelated panels on the sides of the car cover the center console and have to be removed to get at the middle panel.  And the beauty of it is that the CD player seems to have come unplugged in the process, so I may get to do it all again at some point.  Noooooooo!!!!!!!

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