We’ve finally given in and gotten cellphones. There were too many situations coming up where a cellphone would have saved hours of driving or waiting by a landline. We’re getting rid of our landlineÂ…our last link to Qwest. I guess we didn’t really have any complaints with them, so I may look back there for DSL someday.

I see that Comcast is increasing their web page space from 25 MB to 1 GB per created email address. I think you can have something like 7 email addresses, so that’d be 7 gigs. Could be a good place for Comcast customers to park files. I doubt they’ll ever add scripting and databases, so I guess I won’t be leaving 1and1 anytime soon.

Incidentally, I wondered in a previous post how large the manual is for the $500 Lego Millenium Falcon? The answer: 4 pounds. Probably the only Lego set where dad would actually cry when the kids disassemble it.

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