The other weekend, we went to Genghis Grill. It’s a Mongolian BBQ chain that just opened a branch here. (Mongolian BBQ is a place where you pick your meat, sauce, spice, and veggies, and they cook it on a grill for you.) There were previously Mongolian BBQ places here, but they seemed to be ignored for the most part. (I remember going to a Mongolian BBQ on Central that had over-heat-lamped stuff and wasn’t very good.) Anyway, this place was good, but very crowded. Also, they give you a very tiny bowl so that you’re rewarded for craftily reinforcing your food pile structure with harder stuff at the bottom and lighter stuff on top. Some people managed to put an amazing amount in the tiny bowls. Unfortunately, the line was just too long for my taste, so I don’t know if I’d go back. Anyway, the popularization of Mongolian BBQ in Albuquerque can only be a good thing. One funny thing in the restaurant was a sign that said something like, “Why was Genghis Khan so successful? We like to think it’s because his armies ate so well.” I’m thinking horse milk and yak meat. (Mongolian BBQ was apparently invented in Taiwan and has nothing to do with Mongolian food.)

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