learning Japanese

Been playing three PS2 games lately. My favorite of the three is Shadow of the Colossus. It’s sold as a Greatest Hits package, so it’s $20. Buy it. It blows up to 16:9 progressive scan widescreen reasonably good. You basically just fight a bunch of half-animal/half-building giants. Climb up their backs and find their weak spot. The animation on the colossuses is extremely good for a PS2. Taking down a huge creature feels monumental. Also been playing an odd little game called Mr. Mosquito, which was brought over and translated from Japan. You control a little mosquito trying to bite people in a house. Very odd, but pretty fun. The people try to swat you, of course. I’ve made the dad in the game very angry and I’m stuck on a level where he takes you out with one haduken swat. Finally, I just barely started Okami. It’s a platformer brought over from Japan in which you can stop things and draw on the world to cause various effects. A very interesting idea and is as good as I’d heard so far. Alas, my old PS2 may not be what it used to be. It seems to be kinda slow in reading the sound in some games. More recently, I’ve been hearing of high failure rates for Xbox 360s. Some things never change.

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