long weekend

We took Sean swimming yesterday. He seemed kinda quiet when we had him in the water. Dunno if he enjoyed it much. Maybe it’ll grow on him.

A couple of days ago, we visited me bruvah. He’s painted his garage green, hoping it will work as a green screen of sorts, and it actually works pretty well! I look forward to playing around with that some more. We ate at Mi Chante in Los Lunas, which is a pretty good New Mexican restaurant.

The other day we hooked up grampa’s new Xbox 360 to his widescreen HDTV. Nice. Project Gotham Racing looked pretty good on it. I was amazed at the huge size of the electric and video adapter plugs on the 360. Grampa’s current project: a battery/gas-powered “hybrid” cart for driving around. He was also helping my Zelda cosplaying cousin make a hookshot. Looks kinda dangerous for a comicon. 🙂

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