Luke, join me and together we will get a breakfast burrito.

We went to the balloon fiesta this weekend. The Darth Vader Head balloon had storm troopers holding back the crowd. Darth Vader, himself was at the balloon. Vanessa also saw a female sandperson. We rode the bus, hoping to avoid the traffic. Unfortunately, the line to get back on the buses went way out into the balloon field. We sat in the grass a while hoping the line would die down, but it just remained constant. We finally gave up and began the long march. We saw a lot of Rainbow Ryders balloons. They’re a local company that offers balloon rides at the fiesta or other times of the year. How much for a ride at the fiesta? $350 (an Xbox 360). You can save a bit by getting a ride at other times of the year. $155 (a Nintendo DS)

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