Mamas don't let your babies grow up to be A/V enthusiasts

I was up late last night pricing things for the upcoming garage sale. I went through a large box of cables and began to realize that there was no point in keeping all of them. It was sad to see that I’d bought the same adapters several times anyway, since I could never find them. Everything you buy seems to come with cables. Sure, you save a little money in keeping them around when the occasional need comes up, but is it worth taking up a cubic yard of space? Space is worth a LOT. It feels good to get rid of so much stuff. Incidentally, the yard sale is here on the mornings of Friday and Saturday:

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Please come over and take some of this stuff away.

Along the lines of cleaning up and streamlining, I was setting up a new computer. I don’t think I’ll create new documents on my computer as much in the future. It’s Google documents for me. Yeah, they could turn evil and spy on or lose my documents, but I could lose them too. I don’t know if I’ll even install Open Office this time. The hassle of worrying about backups and so on is more pain than it’s worth, and the convenience of accessing my documents anywhere over the web is too great.

Also, I hate paper. (and printersÂ…they destroyed my village!) Lately, if it’s paper around my house, I give it a very angry look and ask it if it’s available online. If so, I dump it. Product manuals by the ton shall be thrown out. Books shall be sold. That’s what libraries are for. When you look at a hard drive the size of a paperback book and realize it could hold every book, document, and picture in your house and a thousand more, you realize how silly paper is. Maybe if you’re a tax or legal document or unscanned photo, I’ll begrudgingly keep youÂ…but I won’t like you and it’ll be all awkward.

Also, try Bloxorz. (puzzle flash game) Then install Leechblock to keep yourself from playing it.

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