manly lessons

I took the day off yesterday. Vanessa’s away for most of the week, so I took a gaming day. Slept in till almost 2 after playing 2142 the night before. Watched some Gundam Wing. Beat Dragon Quest 8. (Here’s my take on it.)

Palms were sweating in the final boss battle.  A loss could mean hours lost!

Here are the manly lessons learned for the day.

  1. Sometimes, in multi-player gaming, you will face loss after loss after loss. You can switch teams or other low-down tactics, but it’s just the law of averages, baby.
  2. Preparing a high quality sandwich can take just as long as cooking an entire meal.
  3. If a man’s gotta watch his anime dubbed so he can eat at the same time and take his eyes off the screen, then that’s just what a man’s gotta do.

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