Mo' Microsoft whining

We use Outlook at work. To keep your mailbox from filling up, you have to constantly export to backup files. To keep these files from getting too large, you have to use multiple files. To search for something in the past, you have to search through each file individually. I also made the mistake of using Outlook journals to take notes, so it’s a problem in those too. Searching for something in the past? You better set aside some time! Lesson learned: Microsoft Outlook is bad. I was using Google Notebook for personal notes, but they’re ending development on that.

I was on a tech support call yesterday where the vendor remoted to my machine using gotomeeting. Yet another remote assistance product that works through firewalls and everything, filling in the huge gaping hole that is Microsoft Remote Assistance. These products are vital, but there is a danger to basing your whole product line on a gap in someone else’s productÂ…they may eventually fix it.

I’ve been doing some Windows server administration at work for the first time. I’ve never heard so much clicking.

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