More local vacation adventures

Other recent adventures in our local vacation last week…we went on Tram with our visitors. Learned that the tram uses water for ballast when needed for added weight. As one tram goes down, the other goes up. The tram has wind limits. If the wind is too high, they don’t run it. We went with our visitors to Santa Fe and walked around the tourist area. Hadn’t done that in a while. Yup, it’s still very touristy. Get your souvenirs at the Five and Dime in the plaza area if you must. Amazing how long that store has been there. We ate gyros at a diner there in the plaza. Saright. Took the visitors to the Very Large Array near Socorro. (Telescopic dish array in Contact) There was a fierce sandstorm that day and we ended up with lots of sand in our ears. After that, we stopped to eat in Pie Town…a tiny place with a couple of restaurants that specialize in pie. We ate at the only one that was open. A good place to stop if you’re in the area. Before they left, Vanessa’s cousin and his friend cooked a huge meal with tasty Singapore and other dishes. Nice! Singapore (where they live) is an island city-state about the size of Albuquerque, packed with about six million people. (Lots of high rise apartments and public transport.) The southwest US is pretty wide-open in comparison. Yesterday, we had a nice lunch with visiting friends and took Sean to Cliff’s amusement park. It’s a little amusement park here in Albuquerque. I hadn’t been there in years. It’s about the right size for a kid and Sean loved the roller coasters and dizzy rides. He seemed kinda bored on the kiddy rides. After that, we tried Taco Bueno…a Taco Bell clone. Meh. And it was back to getting up “early” today. 7 AM feels early to me, at least. 🙂

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