more power, Scotty!

I have some pent up nerdly rambling to do.  A while back, I got a Dell Vostro 400 on sale.  It was a core 2 duo PC at a very good price.  Unfortunately, I failed to take power requirements into consideration when I put in an Nvidia Geforce 8800 GT.  Cue the recent graphic anomalies I’ve started seeing.  The card seems to have croaked.  So I ordered a 9800 GT (the next year’s model, but pretty much the same card.)  Only when I received this card did I really start to look at power requirements as I should have in the first place.  Those nice quiet small Dell computers often have tiny 350 W power supplies.  So, I ordered a 460 W power supply that I hope is enough for the new card.   I also learned that you have to look at the combined current on the 12V rails vs your video card’s requirements.  I’m noticing that AMD/ATI are at the top of the price/performance charts at the moment.  I guess I’m a bit superstitious about sticking with Nvidia for driver support/stability.  It might not be a bad idea to try an AMD processor one of these days, though.  But like an old man in his high pants, I’ll probably stick with Intel stuff.  One of my highest priorities in a PC is stability.  I hates me some crashing.

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