Mountain biking and power grids

Went over to visit my sister’s family in the Manzano Mountain area yesterday.  Played Power Grid with my brother-in-law…not a bad board game, but kinda long at 2 hours +.  We went on a great mountain bike ride where I saw a couple of wild turkeys, a dear, and Kyle chased a squirrel along the path, which was pretty funny.  Those clip-in petals seem kinda dangerous so far.  Several times I found myself trying to scramble uphill over a steep rock or dirt and spinning out.  That’s normally when you’d slam your feet down on the ground to catch yourself.  Now imagine your ankle is cuffed to the pedal.  You’re going down, buddy!  We saw some of the largest yucca fruits I’ve ever seen.

Kyle touched one of them and it just fell off, so we had a taste.  It was like watermelon in taste and banana in texture.  Later, we played an Alhambra expansion with diamonds and gates…it wasn’t much different from regular Alhambra.

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