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Confirmation dialogs are irritating.

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The PS3 has a 3-click system to turn off the console remotely. Menu->Turn Off System->Are you sure you want to turn off the system? Yeah, that was the idea when I clicked Turn Off System. Sean has actually had to learn to fake his way through many dialogs, since he can’t read yet. I left a voicemail with the optometrist today and it was that super-annoying voicemail system. “When you are done, press one.” “If you are satisfied with your message, push one.” “To send your message with normal delivery, press one.” “Just to irritate you a little more, push one.” Anyway, this doesn’t work because after a while you become so used to automatically clicking through the confirmation dialogs that by the time you realize you irretrievably deleted an important file or didn’t save your game, it’s too late

Another thing I’ve become annoyed with is user ID/password overload. I finally realized I simply had too many to keep track of so I created a spreadsheet of user IDs/passwords. (Not displaying the full passwords, of course.) I have 18 IDs and 19 passwords to keep track of, with multiple accounts in several combinations…probably around 50 different accounts. When I go to a new site that wants me to create an ID and it won’t take any of my existing ones and insists on an almost completely random user ID and password, I shed a little tear. This user ID/password method of security ain’t workin’, folks. Someday, we may tell our grandkids of it around a campfire. Maybe openid will help with this.

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