Nerd Cousin Thanksgiving Extravaganza

We are planning to have a few of the cousins over for Thanksgiving and maybe play some games. Huzzah! (There will be no sports games, Ryan!…unless someone brings Wii Sports.)
Speaking of games, I went to Best Buy the night before the Nintendo Wii came out and saw tents in front of the store…videogame line campers…in Albuquerque. I assume that means we had campers when the PS3 came out. It reminded me of getting my PSP, seeing people waiting outside for nothing. I saw the PS3 demo inside the store. It looked like a nice PC game. So people were waiting overnight in lines for a game I could have played a year ago at that resolution on my PC? Oh, I keep forgetting they don’t want to play the PS3…just re-sell it.

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