NerdCon events

Well, my “NerdCon” has been ongoing. I’m a First Sergeant in BF2 now. I’ve learned some things about BF2. Join only the official EA servers because VOIP always works there. If you join a server and your team is uncooperative and is getting beaten badly, leave that server because you’ll have a miserable time otherwise. Or join the other side. Cheap, I know, but it’s either that or no fun. Go through all the squads looking for people with mics and add them to your leaderboard on so that you can see when they’re online and what server they’re on. I finished Dark Cloud 2…but feel obliged to finish the optional dungeon. The food hasn’t exactly been healthy, but I suppose this is a rare thing. Vanessa is having a nice time with the relatives, says she. It’ll be good to have them back, of course!

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