Nerf strength training, super deformed golf, harmonic timing

We recently got Sean a nerf ball blaster thingy. Unfortunately, as a three-year-old, he doesn’t have the strength to build up the air pressure to launch the ball. We got another of them that relies on a flywheel that builds up speed and spins the ball out. It actually gets jammed so much that it has a de-jamming switch on the top. Also, it comes with 4 balls, but the top feeding compartment only holds 3. It’s a feature, not a bug!

We got Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds for the PS3 because it allows for four players (taking turns). It’s reasonably fun and there’s a special “Everybody’s Golf” mode that you can set for the kids that means they basically just have to hit the button twice to swing. Sean is able to play with us. Of course, Vanessa is already schooling us.

Another bit here for googling purposes. Don’t look unless you’ve googled here. The tweaking of the Harmony remote continues. It was often failing to turn off the Logitech Z-5500. I had to go into the device timing settings and increase the inter-device timing. Similarly, the Vizio GV47L was often not setting the proper input much of the time and I was having to hit the Help button often. Sean couldn’t work the remote because he couldn’t read. I also increased the timing values for this and it seems OK now.

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